Plans are underway for conducting an informal, interactive session on “Diabetes: Management” on Sunday, October 28, 2018. If you have been diagnosed with Diabetes or with high sugar or someone in your family is diagnosed with Diabetes/high sugar or just want to learn more about Managing Diabetes, YOU MAY WANT TO REGISTER FOR THIS SESSION

SVBF has been contacted for cohosting and supporting this event. Therefore, the venue has not yet been finalized.




Diabetes: Diagnosis, Treatment, Prognosis Speaker – An experienced Diabetologist/ Endocrinologist is being lined up


Diabetes and Yoga Speaker – Veena Shanbhag, Pharmacist, Certified Yoga Trainer and long standing OKA Life Member


Diabetes and Diet Speaker – Siva Swaminathan, Chef, Trainer and Cofounder South Asian Chapter of Diabetes Canada. (for more information on Siva Swaminathan google Chezsiva and click on About Siva)

Registration will be limited. Once the details are finalized, members of other Associations will be notified, so register asap by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


For more information please join OKA Aadhar Chat and visit OKA website and click on Seniors Forum




Saturday, September 8, 2018

(House Full – Registration Closed)


This project wasdeveloped by Minakshi Pai with the input from various members of our community and was launched on May 12, 2018. That house full workshop was conducted by Minakshi Pai and Kartik Kulkarni; hosted by Nandini and Shiv Ganguly and sponsored by Belene Victoria of Penncorp La Capitale.  The purpose of this program is to INFORM & TRAIN OKA members/seniors on new and existing technologies, SUPPORT those who require technical or other assistance and ENABLE increased independence, confidence and self-sufficiency through information and online services


The next workshop will be held on Saturday, September 8, 2018. This will be hosted by Mahesh Nileshwar of PCHS and once again sponsored by Belene Victoria of Penncorp La Capitale.




Introduction to the Task Force Mission of the Task Force, Introduction to the team, Services offered


Keeping your phone health This session will walk you through a checklist of what you need to keep your phone or other mobile device healthy. This includes battery optimization and longevity,

memory usage, device speed, data and security.


All about apps You will learn what to look for in an app before downloading it, and how to monitor its performance. Should it stay or should it go? We’ll help you figure it out. We will also walk you through some must-have apps.


Sponsor – Belén Victoria of Penncorp La Capitale Invest in your health. Providing tax-efficient solutions to protect your retirement savings and legacy. Because a health crisis should not become a financial crisis.


From smart phones to smart homes Discover in brief the capabilities of Google Home and Echo Dot - devices that allow home automation. We will also revisit Google Chromecast and Amazon Firestick and

demonstrate how to maximize their use for home entertainment.


Practical workshop 13.00 We will use this time for one on one support and troubleshooting. Bring your devices and ask us all your questions!


Closing discussion Future topics, Logistics


Unfortunately, this workshop is full and registration is closed.




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