Welcome to the various avenues available to learn Konkani and pass on the heritage which is unfortunaterly getting thinner with time. Our future - the current youth - have limited exposure to our beautiful language and we have the below amazing initiatives to help us with it. So what are we waiting for, lets grab the opportunity and contribute the little we can to our heritage.
  • Gurukul : 
Encourage your children to develop and maintain their native home language. As Konkanis we all want our children to learn to communicate in Konkani. Why not start at an early age? Here is an opportunity through the Konkani Association of California. Please register your child using this link: Gurukul
  • Online classes from Vishwa Konkani Kendra :
We are all guilty of not able to converse in Konkani. Our language is an asset and here is a chance to brush up on Konkani language at your own time. You will realise the rich cultural heritage of the Konkani language and the resources available to keep our language vibrant. Learn at your own pace in the comfort of your home and tailored for youth and adults alike. The Konkani lessons are easy to follow and provided in Devanagari, Roman & English script. Please visit this link for your weekly lessons:
  • KKCC: KAOCA Konkani Conversation Class :
If you want to pick up fluency in Konkani here's your chance to learn. Hosted Wednesday evenings 9:30PM-10:30PM EST. Thanks to KAOCA Konkani Conversational Classes (KKCC) get to communicate in konkani, it's ideal for all age groups. Please use this link to register: KAOCA Konkani Conversation Class