The Ontario Konkani Association started life in 1988 as a way for a small group of Konkani families to get together as a community and celebrate Diwali. As time passed, more and more Konkani families joined in. The ever-increasing numbers indicated a need to create a formal association and to increase the number of participating events. Today, the association has close to 400 registered members

OKA hosted the North American Konkani Sammellan and celebrated our 25th anniversary in 2013.


OKA holds events that promote Konkani culture and heritage though education, art, language, recreational and charitable activities within the konkani community. Our traditional annual events include Diwali and Navaratri celebrations in the Fall, Ugadi celebrations in the Spring, and a Satyanarayan Pooja and annual picnic in the summer.

More recently, our members have initiated other special events including a one-day workshop to connect our membership with career opportunities and professional workshops and teams for blood donation.

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