Long Term Caregivers

Teva Canada

CBC News about Longterm care

CIC news on Pilot projectof Longterm care


Funeral Pre-Planning Option


Travel Protection


What to do when someone dies

In Ontario -

Death occurs in a foreign land please contact the Canadian Embassy there

To donate organs/tissue for transplant or entire body for scientific research -

Register the death certificate - 


Priests/Pundits in the GTA

OKA members are free to consult with any priest. Following are some of the priests we are familiar with.


Funeral Homes 

To search for a funeral home/service in Ontario visit Bereavement Authority of Ontario -

Affordable Funeral Services are available throughout GTA areas -

Families are free to choose any Funeral Homes.


Transport the Human Remains 

Air Canada Compassionate Services -

WestJet compassionate services -

Check with any other national/international airlines for their specific requirements

To India :

Transport Cremated Remains

To Canada: 


To India:

Scattering cremated remains in Ontario -

Contact CRA - What to do someone has died -



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